Monday, April 23, 2007

The Moment of Acquiring a Complacent Sense of Euphoria

It seems as though I have been affixed to the ceilings for weeks. And yet despite all my initial objections to my predicament, I find myself now growing familiar with it. It has become my home away from home away from home.

What is it that incites such a complacent attitude within us? Are we predisposed to desire against change? Or have I found a blog worth reading via my Blackberry, and therefor have no need to separate myself from the once peril predicament?

It is true that I have recently stumbled upon an internet competition, Last Gladiator Standing 2. The premise is intriguing. The contestants, promising. The prize, adequate.

Is it not human nature to compete? Do we not all compete for money, for affection, for land and for popularity? Is this a need instilled within us since creation, or has it only been brought about by recent developments among human society?

It could be theorized that mankind has always been competitive. But are all primates? We often see the senile Silverback Gorilla competing for dominance within its clan. And rambunctious pygmy chimpanzees fight to death, in true cage-match fashion, to decide upon the rights paternity.

Is this desire, this instinctual commitment to competition, only found within us an our primate ancestors? Or does it date back to even the era of primordial ooze, not to be confused with regular ooze that creates hybrid human-turtles with ninja-skills? What would this primordial ooze of our past have competed for? What would a showdown of cytoplasmic skill have awarded to the victor? Would primordial ooze desire $1,000,000? A dream vacation of a lifetime? Or bragging rights? Could the mere desire to win and defeat be the catalyst for such prehistoric competition?

These are all difficult questions to answer. We may only theorize about the motivation of earlier species and cellular organisms. Yet perhaps in the not too distant future, we can truly discover the answers, the answers for which we all long for as a species. Why do we fight? Why do we desire to win? Why do we desire to defeat?

Perhaps Last Gladiator Standing 2 will answer these questions.


Svetlana Smith said...

So, Sylar tells me you threw a map at him?

He was only trying to give Peter a haircut! Sylar is completely harmless (even though he likes cutting open people's heads and eating brains). You're so heartless.

But I love you all the more for it!

Anonymous said...

Look, I'm sorry but this is probably the worst imitation of a "Mohinder blog" that I have ever seen. Mohinder would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS do tests on a hapless monkey!!!! He is too sweet to risk harming an innocent creature for his own purposes!I don't care what the you call yourself but you know NOTHING (you hear me? NOTHING) about Mohinder Suresh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!