Monday, March 19, 2007

Game Over

Peter has been sobbing profusely for the last hour or so. It was due to his excessive depression that I felt the need for counseling. As we were both currently rendered immobile by the fork-spoon hybrids punctured through our clothing, I realized his psychological evaluation would require myself to perform it.

Is it not destiny's grand plan that I provide psychoanalysis to this emotional crybaby? For, when at the University, and it was required of me to take an elective course, something outside the field of genetics, I was forced into Introduction to Psychology due to the lack of availability of my true calling, Wonders of Bewilderment 101. And so it is because of that, a direct consequence, that I now find myself with the appropriate amount of introductory knowledge which this very situation requires.

And will I stand tall, figuratively, as I'm currently fastened to the ceiling, and face the challenge destiny has brought to my metaphorical doorstep? Or will I cower and run, again figuratively, from the obstacle?

Thinking back to my father's theories, I attempted to discern whether or not Peter would qualify as a human, and thus be capable of being psychoanalyzed as such. Evolved persons are still persons, are they not? As my pachyderm friend would say, "A person is a person, no matter how genetically advanced."

And so I began with the basics.

"Tell me, Peter, how would you estimate your current sense of emotion?"

"I'm sad. Totally depressed. Like always! Life just keeps getting worse, yet it won't end. Why am I tortured like this!"

It is unfortunate I neglected to attend my psychology class enough to be aware of the next step. It seemed Peter was not cured by my attempt.

"Very well. Let us continue this conversation at a later date. In the time preceding that event, I shall attend to the matter of our escape, or rescue as it may need be."

I allowed myself to ignore the man-baby so that I could concentrate on something far more important. No, not Solitaire. I have grown weary of the game. It was time for a new challenge. A much more difficult game. Perhaps one could call it evolution.

I moved on to Free Cell.

The game was progressing nicely, until I made a tragic mistake! It seems I have occupied all my free cells with cards, and now haven't a move to make. It is most assuredly game over.

Could this be destiny telling me something? Have I exhausted every opportunity for survival? Or is there still a free cell waiting for me out there, ready to take my card of misfortune and hold it, so that I may play out the rest of my life? Or is this it? Is this game over for Mohinder? Game over for my father's theories? Or perhaps even game over for Earth itself?


Hatter said...

O Mohindy, have we ever told you how much we love you?

Well, we do.

You two hang in there! (If you'll, er, excuse the bad pun.)

Panda-chan said...

I'm so confused... my brain has turned to mush just trying to follow all of the clues! Well, at least I dont' have to worry about Sylar... I hope you guys get out of this! I know Peter will - but You have to get out too, Mohinder! Understand? I may be a Sylar fan, but that doesn't mean I support his killing! Pull out of this!!

Anonymous said...

Mole Linder, you should come join me n' Mr. Cheney on World of Warcraft. I'm sure you'd make a great Tauren. Heh heh.

-- Devil Bush

Anonymous said...

Mr. Suresh, may i ask what you are doing playing free cell when you are pined to the celing? there are more importent things at hand. I have a qwote for you. "call my name and i will be there."
the same holds true for me. I amwilling to help if you need me. just find my name first.

Hatter said...



Anonymous said...

I bet a clue of the games is how solitaire was Sylar and now its Free Cell which is Peter. hmmmmm or maybe its the other way around. Solitaire could be Peter, but he ran away so he turned to Zane who is actually Sylar and Sylar is free cell and Sylay is about to kill him when all his free cells are closed up