Monday, March 26, 2007

Rememberance of Past Events and Circumstances

Is it admirable to recollect events in one's life out of context? Or should we cower away from the neglect of chronological accuracy in our metaphorical voyage into the past?

Perhaps it is the altitude, or maybe something more, causing my mind to wander to another time, an earlier time, long foregone and once forgotten. As a faithful orangutan calls out to his besotted consort, so does my memories call out to me. They find their way through the mental jungle of genetic theory and biological possibilities. They rise out of the abyss of my subconscious and take afloat on my vessel of awareness and being.

I recall my childhood. A young Mohinder frolics through the marketplace, enroute to a nearby grouping of fellow youngsters, destined to become involved in the game of football in which they are engaging.

"Chale Jao!" they lambast in unison.

"Please, would you not find it more advantageous to converse in the language of our imperial tyrants? As it is they who are among the ruling class, and perhaps by involving ourselves in their culture they could elevate our status to that higher than a humble peon."

"Mohinder, the English have long gone from here!"

"Yes, but their power and control remains. Are the current leaders not merely puppets of a Caucasian pseudo-regime?"

"Chup Raho!"

Young Mohinder is devastated at their command to cease talking. And though he does not wish to comply, he realizes that there is no other option as he gazes at the maleficence in their optic peepers.

I find myself pondering that particular moment in time. It was a significant event, one that taught me of my upper-class upbringing and made it known to me that I would never find a place among my so-called people.

And then another memory descended upon my cognitive realm...

Student Mohinder sits quietly in his classroom chair awaiting the arrival of the professor. He is pensive, his mind lost in the depths of philisophy. This class, Cognitive Philosophizing 101, is Student Mohinder's favorite. And though one could not gather it from his boring exterior, he is most definitely stimulated and stirred within by the thought of the approaching lecture.

And then she enters. She approaches an adjacent desk and claims it as her own with the dropping of her classroom materials onto it.

"Hello, Mohinder," she purred.

"Mira, what a delightful surprise. Why I had not known you too were enrolled in this class. I look forward to engaging in intellectual conversation with you, as well as our fellow students."

"Oh, Mohinder," she coaxed.

"I feel fortunate, blessed by God himself, to have you here at my side. And I would rather like to take this moment, utilize it, so that I may inquire as to your plans for the upcoming celebration, particularly, whether or not you currently possess a companion, or escort, for the evening. Would such a person exist in your current predicament?"

"No, Mohinder," she testified.

"Then, perhaps, if it is not too much of an inconvenience for you, would you at all mind to do me the great honor of allowing me to be that aforementioned person, which currently is lacking in your life? Would you allow destiny to take its course as it would most assuredly plan to utilize me in a manner that would fulfill that void? Or would you rather crush my hopes into bitter remnants of despair, like a heinous Hyena would crumble Caribou corpses?

"Yes, Mohinder," she announced.

And so Student Mohinder transformed into Happy Student Mohinder. But the happy status was soon removed as he and Mira arrived at the celebration.

"Hey, Mohinder," a young man jabbers.

Still Happy Student Mohinder turns to be made aware of the presence of Nikunj Patel, the archetypal bully and otherwise annoying prick.

"You're such a nerd that even the Pac Man champions think you're a freak!" Nikunj asserts for all to hear.

"Yet is one man's freak not another man's god? Who are any of us to say what is normal and what is not? Would you not be a freak for possessing a matriarch who finds comfort within the arms of numerous suitors from day to day?"

And thus Happy Student Mohinder was knocked unconscious and awoke as Battered Unhappy Student Mohinder. He had missed his first date with Mira, though present physically, his mind was locked away into the depths of the unconscious.

From my current vantage point, I reminisce and ponder my past. With each memory that rises to face me, I find my resolve weakening, and I grow afraid that perhaps my life has had no meaning, and I am merely the subject of ridicule, like the dormant red-nosed sloth of West Africa.


Svetlana Smith said...

You can be my man-God!

If I sent you a kitten, would it make you feel better? Better yet, a friend of mine has a game he wants to try to trap you with--I mean, play with you. We'll make sure you don't feel left out.

~ Lana

Em said...

"optic peepers" haha

Panda-chan the Sylar fan said...

um... you had a few grammatical errors there. But I'll forgive you, assuming you're still strapped to the roof. ^__^

You're life hasn't changed much, has? You're still "battered" Mohinder... lol.

Anonymous said...

Altered state
Mr. Suresh, I believe I can help with your research, as I have been alive since the 1300's. I have experienced events one can only dream of, however, I am hesitant to contact you in person as you seem to be keeping rather strange company these days. I will contact you again if your situation changes.
Best regards,